Meier Williams

Where to start? At the beginning is always good! For as long as I can remember I have had an obsession with the horse. It was that obsession which inspired me toward the creative arts in my formative years.

Drawing became the one thing that I was good at. In the 80's Dyslexia was less recognised if not less common. It became not only the thing that I hated the most, even to this day, but also the prime-mover that drove my art and art practise to the highest possible level.

I am often asked “Do you own a horse?” The answer is “No”, as it is for the question “Have you ever owned a horse?” I do ride, though infrequently. My art work becomes my horses, my friends; during my work I become lost in what I am doing towards a sense of peace and serenity, enjoying every hand movement whether it be on the page or through object creation. During these periods of creativity I put in all that I am; body and soul, towards simultaneous exhaustion and connectedness to my subject.

In my early 2D work I would use my photographic images as the basis for subsequent artistic reproduction and development in mark making; keeping the process pure - just me and the horse, with no one else involved. But in sculpture I would be guided by memory and touch in addition to my sense of visual aesthetic, to further build an intimate relationship between myself and the horse.

My artistic work with the horse truly blossomed when I studied for an HND in Fine Art Textiles at Camborne College. My early course work developed with repetition of layering, enveloping through a wide array of textured mediums: rapping with string & wire, pouring wax encasing layers of plastic, fabric and fibre. Sketchbook pages upon pages of the horse using a wide variety of mark-making tools; Though usually starting with sketch it is often involved at all stages of the process, even when working with diverse mediums through textile and sculpture. For any given project I have a large number of sketchbooks of different sizes, for instance in current work I am concurrently working with over 30.

When working with new horses and man I never know what I will produce, what my form of art will be what I will create, I watch, photograph and then let it happen if it be on paper of structure; the art is emergent in nature. It will invariably be a different body of work form the previous, just as each new horse and man that I meet are different form the last.

Meier Williams

Exhibitions, Design & Film

Solo Exhibitions

2016: Exim Etch Costumes
Plymouth School Of Creative Arts, Plymouth
2013: The Cowboy Way
Simpson's Old Time Museum, Oklahoma, America
2013: Sugar and Spice
Open studios, Cornwall
2011: Ponies
Dartmoor Gallery, Princetown, Devon
2009: Just Pencil
Mikkeli University of A S, Finland
2008: 1st Solo show
Morley Contemporary Art, Cornwall
2008: Drawn to the Valley
Open studios, Cornwall

Group Exhibitions

2015: Mare & Foal
The Mare & Foal Sanctuary, Devon
2014: 3 Artists
Open studios, Cornwall
2012: Medieval Fortified Mansion
Crocadon Sawmill, Devon
2010: Dartmoor Ponies
High Moorland Visitor Centre, Devon
2010: A Sense of Place in Time
Duchy Gallery, Devon
2008: Mount Edgecoumbe Gallery
2008: Delamore Gallery
2008: Lorient Celtic Festival
Brittany, France
2008: Cube 3 Gallery
University of Plymouth, Devon
2007: Schoolhouse
Morvah, Cornwall
2007: Stuart House
2007: Morley Contemporary Art
2007: Truro College
2007: Drawn to the Valley
Open Studios, Cornwall
2007: Final Year Show
Camborne College, Cornwall

Theatre Design - Costume

2019-Current: Sea Cry Sage
Little Girls Theatre Company, Cornwall & Devon
2010-Current: CIC England and World Tour
Marked Exim Dance Company
2019: Mid Summer Night's Dream
Animate Theatre Company, Plymouth, Devon
2010: Alice Tea Party @ National Trust
Burn the Curtain Theatre Company
2018: Two Tribes
Animate Theatre Company, Plymouth, Devon
2018: Chill in The Night
Sterts Youth Theatre, Cornwall
2018: Third Light
Minack Theatre, Cornwall
2018: 100: UnEarth
Wildworks, Heligan Gardens, Cornwall
2018: Clay Walks
SpinDrift Dance Company, Cornwall
2018: Before I Wake
Scary Little Girls Theatre Company, Cornwall & Devon
2017: Wizard of Oz
Accesses Theatre, Cornwall
2017: Wolf Child
WildWorks, Helston, Cornwall
2017: Into The Woods
No Walls Creative Arts, Devon
2017: Urine Town
Plymouth University Musical Theatre Group, Devon
2016: The Story Smiths
Scary Little Girls Theatre Company, Cornwall & Devon
2016: The Raising
Heather Walrond Dance Company, International
2016-1017: Etch
Exim Dance Company, Cornwall & Devon
2016: Alice in Wonderland
Animate Theatre Company, Plymouth, Devon
2016: Sweeney Todd
Plymouth University Musical Theatre Group, Devon
2015: The Wizard of OZ
Animate Theatre Company, Devon
2015: Oh What A Lovely War
Plymouth City College Performing Arts, Plymouth
2015: Mad Dog Pig Art Production
Barbican Theatre, Plymouth Devon
2014: The Finger Of Gold
Drum Theatre, Plymouth Devon
2014: Third Light
Sterts Theatre, Cornwall
2014: Golden Tree Production
Gog & Magog, Cornwall
2014: Sweeny Todd
Gaslight Theatre Company, Cornwall
The Bureau of Extraordinance Survey
Burn the Curtain Theatre Company
2013: Seize The Day
Kernocpia Theatre Company, Cornwall
Adventures of Don Quixote by Bicycle
Burn the Curtain Theatre Company
2013: The Fish Hearted Bride
Effervescent Social-Alchemy
2012: Cornish Sporting Treasures on World Stage
Kernocpia Theatre Company, Cornwall
2011: The Wild Bride
Keen-High Theatre Company
2011: The Adventures of Uncle Lubin
Burn the Curtain Theatre Company
Enchanted Place, Kensington Palace
WildWorks Land Scrape Theatre Company
2010: Alice Tea Party @ National Trust
Burn the Curtain Theatre Company
2009: Beautiful Journey
WildWorks Land Scrape Theatre Company
2007: Costumes for costume library
Eden Project
2002: The Man who Owned the World
Eden Project
2001: Angels Playing
Eden Project

Theatre Designer

The Barbican Theatre, Devon
Closing the Gap, Four Moods Swing, Fame Game, Dancers United, Arabian Nights, Blood Thirsty, Puss-in-Boots, Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk,, and Sharper Edge
Theatre Royal, Plymouth, Devon
Playhouse 2005, Assembly 2004, The Musicians and When I was a Young Girl I used to Scream and shout
1992 to date: Educational Theatre
Leader of theatre based workshops in drama and design for young people and adults in South West & London
The Mini Actors Drama Company
(Company Director) University of Plymouth, Devon
Tiny & Young People Design Company
TR2/Theatre Royal, Plymouth


2016: Endeavour We Shall Win
Costume, Devon
2012: Brothers in Arms
Costume, London
2010: War Horses
Consultancy, Devon