Past Projects


“In May 2008 I was asked by a Dartmoor Hill farmer, Neil Cole, that if fascinated by horses, I should attend an annual pony event that happened right on my door-step and see what they do in September on the pony drifts. I had no idea what these ‘drifts’ were and what happened on them. The farmers round up all the ponies that run on Dartmoor... He also said that once I had experienced one pony drift I would be hooked”.

The rest is history.

The Book: Ponies of Dartmoor

“Meier is delighted to publish this, her first book. Through out this book you will see and read Meier's ongoing work with the ponies on Dartmoor, capturing the process of her documentary and artistic work she has developed during the past three years.”.

A selection of pages from the book are shown below. Please get in touch if you would like to buy a copy.