“The horse has been an obsession of Meier Williams since childhood yet, whilst not necessarily feeling any specific desire to ride them, Meier has always felt a deep connection with horses and finds that being in their midst brings her a sense of peace. Horses provide her with a mysterious emotional fulfilment that subsequently manifests itself in an energising and intensive creative period.

The horses movement acts like a catalyst of creativity for Meier and it is their powerful sense of rhythm which perhaps act as a conduit to her own artistic fluidity. A prolific artist, she produces images of the horse in various mediums yet it is her emotional response to the animal that is so apparent. One is reminded of the horses’ temperament from the simple line drawings created with energetic ferocity and fervour to her sculptures created with a diligent patience.”

Victoria Trevor

In addition to sketch, mix media, paint and photographic, Meier likes to coalesce materials to create large-sized sculptures with recycled found materials, using (for example) old mattresses, wire, string and wax...